J’s Racing S2000 SPL Stainless Header

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Structure 4-2-1

Weight is 5.5kg (5.0kg lighter than genuine 10.5kg ) 4 (50φ) -2 (50φ) -1 (55-60φ taper) structure from low speed range Achieves remarkable torque and power-up up to high rpm range.
This product is a completely handmade product by skilled craftsmen who manually welded and corrected the steps of each part using lightweight SUS304 with t = 1.2mm to 1.5mm.

Equipped with a service hole for mounting the air mileage sensor as standard equipment.
Please use it for setting according to the current car.

It is possible to bring out the full engine performance of AP1 F20C (2000cc) and AP2 F22C1 (2200cc).
We promise torque up and power up.

It is a special EX manifold of S2000 regardless of the stage.

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