Seeker Ultralight Oil Cap

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While ensuring sufficient strength, it has been lightened to the utmost limit to achieve an ultra-lightweight aluminum oil filler cap (unit weight of approximately 60g). In addition, it is very easy to open and close the cap because it has a shape with good finger grip. Some models such as FD2 have a layout in which the shaft passes directly above the filler cap when an external front tower bar is installed, and it may be difficult to open and close the filler cap, but insert a round bar, etc. into the filler cap lightening hole. It can be opened and closed relatively easily by inserting it. The functional design obtained as a result of pursuing such practicality is also ideal for dressing up the engine room. Four body colors are available: red, black, gold and shiny silver

* This product is not compatible with FK8 CIVIC TYPE-R. Please be careful.

* Several stain omissions on the threads of this product occur during the alumite treatment process and are not defects. (It will not spoil the aesthetic appearance when the product is installed.) Please note.

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