J’s Racing S2000 R304 SUS Exhaust 70RS

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The popular R304 SUS exhaust has evolved further.

“Titanium coating” is applied to the conventional stainless steel coloring to dramatically improve beauty and durability. Furthermore, the silencer structure has been reviewed to realize a more refined exhaust note.

It is a stainless muffler that realizes reliable response and power-up by feeding back the exhaust development technology of many years. By making the main pipe diameter 70φ and the silencer a straight structure according to the engine characteristics, it is a characteristic that emphasizes the middle and high rpm range without sacrificing the low rpm range, and you can feel the VTEC engine comfortably.

It has a high-pitched sound quality peculiar to stainless steel, and features a relaxed and comfortable sound unique to a straight structure. The moment you enter VTEC, the popping treble enhances the feeling of exhilaration.

The main pipe uses SUS304 t = 1.2, and the silencer uses t = 1.0. The flange is made as thin as possible, and the stay is hollow to make it lightweight. By reducing the weight to the limit, it is possible to further improve the athletic performance during sports driving, and dramatically increase the potential of the car as well as power up.



* The inner silencer is sold separately
* The reinforced hanger bushing type A x3  – sold separately
* It does not fit perfectly to the S2000 after 2006
* Race use only
* Stock Catalytic converter cannot be attached
* It might have a very slight jig mark from the production
* The picture is an image only and does not represent the actual exhaust

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