Spoon Sports SW388 Wheel – 15×8.0 / +35 / 4×100

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Machine Forged. Anodized Black Finish. Made in Japan. 5.5 kg (12.13 lbs) per wheel. Price is PER wheel. The Spoon SW388 has been reborn. In 1994, the aim was the world’s lightest aluminum wheels, developed jointly with Desmond Corporation, it took two years to achieve the weight of 3.88kg. The SW388 was introduced in 1996 but production ended in 1999 with the closing of the Russian forging factory. The SW388 has been an iconic symbol of Spoon with Honda fans all over the world demanding it’s re-release. After careful study the wheels are machine forged by Tan-Ei-Sya in Toyama prefecture Japan. As with the original, the finish is anodized aluminum black which is lighter and stronger than paint. Why is the hub side not flat? The arch on the inside surface provides a space not in contact with the surface to apply loads naturally and outwards to improve the fastening strength of the hub and the wheel. This allows the absorption of shock loads on the hubs and knuckles. The design also functions to prevent loosening of the lug nuts. Center caps available separately

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