J’s Racing Low Temperature Thermal Switch

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The purpose of this product is to maintain the maximum horsepower by keeping the temperature of the cooling water at around 75℃ – 80℃. It activates the fan at 80 instead of 95 and fully utilizes the water characteristics of high specific heat (Water changes temperature slowly for both upward and downward).  As a result, it works toward preventing power loss, knocking, and various thermal negative effects. It works well for all types of cooling system from the stock radiator to a multi layer racing radiator.

Cooling fan activation at 80℃ (stock 95℃)
Cooling fan deactivation at 75℃ (stock 90℃)

There is a close relationship between the water temperature and engine power.

When the cooling water temperature reaches a certain point, in order to avoid possible risks, the ECU will make several changes including fuel increase and retarding the ignition point which will cause a reduction of engine power.

Furthermore, by setting the cooling fan activation point (80℃) and deactivation point (75℃) closer, it smoothes out the on-off flipping operation.

Not only this works extremely well with the high capacity racing radiator, but it makes a big difference for the street type setup (stock radiator + low temp thermostat + low temp thermal switch + high efficiency coolant).  With this street setup, the water temperature will stay at around 80 for street driving.


Notes: Please use it along with the low temp thermostat. When used separately, it is not very effective. Please use the proper tightening torque. After the installation, bleed the air completely.

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