J’s Racing Front Camber Joint w/ Roll Center S2

US $341.00


The surface is anodized red with a laser carved ‘J’s Racing” seal

By redesigning the previous model, the new camber joints have been enhanced with the roll center adjuster function in addition to the original negative camber adjustment.

The front camber angle can be adjusted to the stock + 3 degree. The front roll center value can be adjusted back to the correct one.

The insufficient negative camber is always a problem for S2000. This product creates enough negative front camber by locating the lower ball joint at an eccentric angle from the center.

The product also corrects the front lower arm position back close to horizontal, so that the correct geometry is restored with the accurately adjusted roll center.

It works in a variety of driving situations from the street to the race track.
It is a must-have item for a spirited sport driving with S2000.


Material : Forged aluminum 6061
Ball Joint:  S45C
Ball Stud  SCM435 HB195-260,  Fluctuation angle 3 degree all around

Included in the kit:
Camber Joint S1 x2
Clip x2
Castle nut x2


Notes: Adjustable range: 3 to 5 degrees. Ride height: Recommended to the vehicle whose height is reduced more than 40mm


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