Spoon Sports L.S.D Kit – Honda S2000 AP1/2 00-09

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The load applied to the drive wheel during cornering and acceleration always differs between left and right. In normal diff, it works to escape to the drive wheel where the torque when the accelerator is turned on and off is less weighted. With this, reliable braking during cornering and vehicle control during acceleration are difficult. L. S. D. Senses the driving force that tries to escape, the difference in the rotational speed and torque of the left and right wheels, and limits the differential function to reliably transmit traction to the road surface. That is, L. S. D. Is an essential item for sports driving. A 1.5-way mechanical type with a spoon (1.75 way for AP1/2 only) is adopted, and consideration is given to ease of assembly and maintenance. The initial torque at the time of shipment is set to 9 to 9.5 kg (cold). Mechanical L. S. D. Due to the structure, the drive wheel dragging noise, internal gear operating noise, and vibration noise may occur.

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