Seeker Super Shift for Honda FK8 Civic Type-R

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“SUPER SHIFT” was developed for the purpose of shortening the stroke of FK8.

Since the extension pivot that extends the lower side of the rod of the genuine shift assembly is highly accurate, it has sufficient durability just by inserting it into the genuine pivot part and fixing it with a set screw.

The attached fixing screws (4) are locked (locking), so you do not need to prepare screw lock agents when installing the product.

By lengthening the underside of the genuine shift rod, it is possible to achieve an appropriate short shift (about 20% shorter than the genuine shift rod).

If the extension is longer than this, the angle of the shift wire will be severe, so after careful consideration of long-term stable use and the appropriate stroke amount, we have decided that the above dimensions are the best for the extension under the rod.

Please try this product, which can be surely short-shifted and has excellent cost performance.

■ Our product

SSC (Super Shift Color), which is recommended to be installed at the same time, can be
used in combination with the separately sold SSC (Super Shift Color) to achieve a more crisp, lacy and reliable shift work.

■ SUPER SHIFT Product details
Extension pivot x 1 (Alocked fixing screw included, about 20% shorter than the genuine product)
Instruction manual

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